PINK JUNIOR STARS - Music Talent Show


Pink Junior Stars is a singing competition show in which talented vocal performers under sixteen compete to become the next Pink Junior Star. A five member vocal expert jury decide which contestant moves forward to the next stage of the competition

Contestants perform one song, if they score three out of five votes they pass into the second stage and perform A Cappella. With five votes they qualify for the next round of the competition. During their performance the jury can only see personal facts about the young contestant on monitors in front of them.


When a jury member votes yes by pressing the green button, their chair rises and they can see the contestant on the stage. In the first season of the series, the performances and vocal skills of the young contestants have awed not only the audience but also the five member jury and shown that they could easily compete with their older colleagues.

High ratings in Serbia as in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro, prove that Pink Junior Stars rightfully deserve their place in the Top 5 TV shows list.

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